How to Deal With Bleeding Gums

Women Flossing Her Teeth - Clackamas Smiles

At Clackamas Smiles Family Dental, bleeding gums rank as one of the common conditions Dr. Seuss sees in patients. If your gums bleed after eating, brushing, or flossing, you might be noticing the early signs of gum disease, commonly referred to as gingivitis. When allowed to progress unchecked, gingivitis can continue to develop into the…

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Gum Disease Linked to Stroke Risk

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As a Happy Valley, Oregon dentist, Dr. Suess makes an effort to educate every patient on the importance of their oral health. While it’s easy to think of brushing and flossing as only having to do with the health of our teeth and gums, how much effort we apply to our oral health greatly dictates…

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Yes, Teeth Cleanings Really Do Matter

Dentist With Teeth X-ray In Front Of Woman

If you recently visited a Happy Valley dentist, give yourself a high-five. Your oral health matters to more than just the state of your teeth and gums. Research has shown that common oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease can increase our risk for serious problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dementia. Lowering…

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Study Finds Diet Can Help Treat Gum Disease


You don’t need to be a family dentist in Clackamas to know that what you eat can have a serious impact on the health of your smile. Ever since childhood, most of us have heard that eating too much sugar will rot our teeth. In actuality, sugar doesn’t cause cavities, but rather contributes to tooth…

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