Heart Disease and Your Smile

By Clackamas Smiles Family Dental | Sep 2, 2013

Even though your mouth is small, it still plays a big role in your entire wellbeing. Here at Clackamas Smiles Family Dental, your dentist in Clackamas Oregon, we put our patients…

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Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

By Clackamas Smiles Family Dental | Aug 25, 2013

To use a real-estate metaphor, a house is only as strong as its foundation. Likewise, crowns are only strong and successful when they are placed on a stable tooth that…

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Your Dental Questions Answered

By Clackamas Smiles Family Dental | Jul 28, 2013

Clackamas dentist  Dr. Jeremy Suess and his compassionate and friendly staff receive a lot of great questions from patients. Here are the answers to the most common questions: Q: Is it…

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Battling Against Bad Breath

By Clackamas Smiles Family Dental | Apr 17, 2013

Have you noticed that people tend to take a step back once you start talking? Do your coworkers elect to email you their questions instead of stopping by your desk…

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Common Oral Health Problems

By Clackamas Smiles Family Dental | Mar 29, 2013

When most people consider their oral health, they think about brushing and flossing as a means to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. While these two conditions do represent the…

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Teeth Whitening Can Provide the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

By Clackamas Smiles Family Dental | Feb 26, 2013

We’ve all been there – standing at the bathroom sink inspecting our teeth and gums, practicing our movie star smiles. But as you inspect you notice that your teeth just…

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Welcome to Clackamas Smiles Family Dental

By Clackamas Smiles Family Dental | Feb 8, 2013

Dentist in Clackamas, Oregon Dr. Jeremy Suess and his staff is pleased to announce the opening Clackamas Smiles Family Dental. New patients are always welcome! Dr. Suess and his team…

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