Whiten Teeth for an Oscar Winning Smile

women smiling

On Sunday afternoon, many of us will be glued to the TV screen as a wide variety of stars take to the red carpet to celebrate the 86th Academy Awards. As the cameras flash and the iconic question, “Who are you wearing?” is asked and answered, these A-listers will be displaying their most valuable asset:…

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Top Back To School Foods For Healthy Teeth

boys smiling

The children are back at school and making healthy choices for their lunch and snacks is important. Having a healthy lifestyle is key for a happy life and the foods you eat can improve your smile. These foods are the top back to school foods for healthy teeth from your choice for dentistry for children Clackamas:…

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Your Dental Questions Answered

young girl showing her teeth

Clackamas dentist  Dr. Jeremy Suess and his compassionate and friendly staff receive a lot of great questions from patients. Here are the answers to the most common questions: Q: Is it really that important to brush my teeth twice a day? A: Thorough Oral Hygiene such as brushing twice and day and flossing, reduces the amount…

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