Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

dental crowns

To use a real-estate metaphor, a house is only as strong as its foundation. Likewise, crowns are only strong and successful when they are placed on a stable tooth that is free of decay or fractures.

What about the neighborhood the house is in – does it make a difference? Of course it does. Shabby surroundings make even the most beautiful house look dull. At your best choice for dentist Happy Valley has Dr. Suess can do Crown lengthening that is capable of changing and improving the structures surrounding the tooth. In this case the result was amazing.


Prior to aesthetic crown lengthening. The teeth are very wide and short. The gum tissue around these teeth is red and swollen and bleeds every time the patient brushes and flosses.


After aesthetic crown lengthening surgery the gums have a more pleasing shape and the redness is already starting to resolve.


The final result with healed gums and all porcelain crowns. The gums are healthy, tight and pink – a perfect compliment to this patient’s beautiful smile.