Before and After Gallery

Before and After Gallery

The following are before and after dental photos of actual Clackamas Smiles patients who Dr. Jeremy Suess has helped to enhance their appearance and oral health.  Read more about what our patients have to say on our Reviews page or take advantage of our Special Offers for New Patients.

AF – Porcelain Crowns


Amy had significant decay and recession on two of her front teeth. We were able to replace the damaged areas with crowns that mimic her natural tooth colors and translucency. It is important to use crowns without metal edges to avoid discoloration in this important area of the mouth.

AV – Orthodontics (Braces)


It was important to Andrea to have orthodontic treatment that did not involve extractions or head-gear. We were able to give her a smile to be proud of, without extracting teeth.

JH – Orthodontics (Braces)


We corrected Jake’s rotated tooth without having to extract it. After aligning his bite and straightening other front teeth, he has a bright, broad smile that continues to collect compliments.

CZ  – Porcelain Crowns


Charlene was frustrated with the discoloration at the edges of her previous dental bonding (composite bonding). We were able to restore her smile with a good cleaning, bleaching, and limited porcelain crowns.

VK – Composite Fillings


We improved Veronica’s smile line by replacing discolored and leaking fillings and evening the biting edges of her front four teeth. The treatment was minimally invasive and completed in just one appointment.

CC – Composite Fillings


Carol had discolored and leaking fillings in her front teeth. We replaced these fillings with new ones that precisely matched her natural enamel.