Extraction and Oral Surgery in Sunnyside, OR

Extractions and Oral Surgery

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Suess may determine with you that one of your teeth needs to be extracted, which can occur for a variety of reasons. Some teeth are extracted because they are poorly positioned in the mouth (such as impacted teeth), in preparation for orthodontic treatment, or have broken and cannot be repaired. A tooth may also be severely decayed or have advanced periodontal disease.

The removal of a single tooth can lead to problems involving your other teeth shifting, your ability to chew, and problems with your jaw joint. To avoid these complications Dr. Suess will discuss alternatives to extractions as well as replacement of the extracted tooth.

During a tooth extraction, Dr. Suess will need to numb your tooth, jawbone and surrounding gums with a local anesthetic. During the extraction process, there will be a sensation of pressure but no pain, as the anesthetic has numbed the nerves. Detailed post-operative instructions will be given after the appointment along with any necessary pain prescriptions.

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Oral Surgery

There are many reasons to consider oral surgery in order to improve overall dental health, including:

If you are a candidate for oral surgery, Dr. Suess will take the time to explain the reasons and options with you in a language that is easy to understand. Detailed instructions will be provided after the surgery, along with necessary antibiotics or pain medication. If you are looking for the best tooth extraction Clackamas has, please contact us today to get started.