Preventative Dental Care in Sunnyside, OR

Preventative Dental Care

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Dental Exams and Digital X-Rays

Regular dental checkups and x-rays are fundamental for the best possible oral health. We recommend that each patient visit Clackamas Smiles Family Dental to see our family dentist every six months for a comprehensive dental exam.

Digital x-rays will be taken so that Happy Valley family dentists, Dr. Suess, Dr. Faris and their staff can view the health of your jaw bone and identify cavities not seen with the naked eye. The timing of dental x-rays is tailored specifically to each patient’s needs, and also provides images that can be quickly and easily transferred to specialists or insurance companies.

Fluoride Treatment

Dr. Suess and Dr. Faris may decide that fluoride should be part of your overall treatment. Fluoride treatments re-mineralize teeth, stop developing cavities and make your teeth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque, bacteria, and sugars in the mouth

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Tooth Sealants

Teeth with deep grooves along the surfaces can trap food particles and plaque that are difficult to reach through regular brushing and flossing. In these cases, Dr. Suess and Dr. Faris can apply a tooth sealant that protects tooth enamel from plaque and resulting decay.

Clackamas and Happy Valley dentists Dr. Suess and Dr. Faris can provide this simple procedure in one visit, in which a tooth-colored plastic “coating” is painted onto the surface of the tooth. Generally, sealants take only a few minutes to apply, wear well under ordinary circumstances, and can last several years before a reapplication is needed.

Mouth Guards

A variety of dental problems are the result of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. Symptoms can include sensitive teeth, jaw pain, headaches and ear or neck aches. Teeth grinding can have serious, long-term effects, such as broken, chipped or cracked teeth.

If you suspect that you grind your teeth during sleep, Happy valley dentists, Dr. Suess and Dr. Faris, can help you figure out whether or not a medical condition may be contributing to this habit.

Once teeth grinding has been diagnosed, Dr. Suess and Dr. Faris can provide a custom fitted night guard for your teeth from a simple impression of your top and bottom teeth, taking special care to ensure that your nightguard is adjusted to your unique needs and fits perfectly for maximum protection.

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