Heart Disease and Your Smile

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Even though your mouth is small, it still plays a big role in your entire wellbeing. Here at Clackamas Smiles Family Dental, your dentist in Clackamas Oregon, we put our patients health as a top priority.
Our patients are often surprised to see that their oral health is an indicator of their overall well-being? The human mouth is loaded with different forms of bacteria, which in most occasions is mostly harmless, but people who have periodontics disease will see that their oral health has an impact and is an indicator of other health problems. It is a smart idea to practice routine oral health care.

People who fail to take care of their teeth may not realize the impact on their overall health. Poor oral health can show in many different ways, poor oral health habits are often linked to many other serious health problems and illnesses, which is a factor for other diseases.

Cardiovascular Disease

Recent research proved that there is a connection between heart disease and oral care. This is because bacteria is found in the human mouth of many patients, even ones who do not have gum disease. Your gums can have swollen tissue, that will bleed and this releases bacteria into the bloodstream that can hurt and hinder your heart.


Patients who have diabetes may also have lower immune system functions, this can put gums that may be inflamed or infected at risk because the infection will get infected more and lead to weakening of the bones around the human mouth, which will lead to infections and even tooth loss.
It is important take care of your teeth. As oral health problems have been linked to many other illnesses, but it’s possible to take care of your teeth and avoid other problems.
Dr. Suess says that taking care of your teeth is a priority and when you do it daily, it shows. People who have a healthy smile will often smile more, and they seem to have more confidence. They also often take better care of the rest of their health. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing daily and visit us regularly

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