Maximize Your Clackamas Dentist Visit

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Making time to go to the dentist can be a big deal; it often means missing school, work– or both! And yet, prioritizing that time to seek regular dental care with Dr. Suess is essential to maintaining the best oral health for you and your family.

At Clackamas Smiles, we view dental care as a partnership between us and our patients. We hope you will come to us with your questions, concerns, and dental history– and we believe it’s our responsibility to make sure our patients are fully informed about their care and educated on dental health. We know a visit to the dentist is an important investment for our patients– so let’s maximize this time!

Confront dental anxiety

Anxiety around dental visits can be one of the biggest barriers to regular preventive care. It can discourage patients from coming in to visit their dentist in the first place, of course– but even those who brave their way into the dentist chair may find it difficult to speak up and ask the question they need or share a problem that has come up.

Your Clackamas dentist, Dr. Suess, is aware of the anxieties that patients may sometimes have around dental care and is committed to working with each patient to ensure that anxiety does not get in the way of your health. If you struggle with dental anxiety, please let us know right away when you make your appointment so that Dr. Suess and staff are aware. Sometimes, simply talking with Dr. Suess beforehand so you can learn what to expect during a dental visit can work wonders.

Pick our brains

Many patients may believe that a dentist visit is a primarily passive experience– you sit in a chair and people do a bunch of stuff to your mouth, tell you what’s going right/wrong, etc, and send you on your way. But that’s not how we view dental care at Clackamas Smiles.

Our team believes that patient education is a critical part of oral care. That’s why we encourage patients to ask us questions and learn more about the world of dental health and oral hygiene! Take advantage of your time with us by asking: what kind of floss do hygienists recommend? how do bacteria cause cavities? or, what can you do to combat gum recession? There are countless topics to explore in dentistry, and your time is valuable– make the most of your visits by learning!

Partner up with us

Great patient care is a partnership. And in addition to education, another important element of this partnership is preventative care. One of the best ways to maximize your dental visit is to take care of your teeth and gums every day by regular brushing and flossing. We think of it as “your half” of the partnership that, together with our expertise, yields a healthy lifelong smile.

Preventative daily care doesn’t only make visits easier, reduce anxiety, and allow you to spend your time talking with our team– it’s also a lot less expensive. Cavities are a lot more money to fix than they are to prevent! If you’re on a budget, that’s just one more reason to make regular oral care a priority.

Maximize your visits with us every 6 months for exceptional dental care– we look forward to working with you!


Photo Credit: Floris van Lint via Compfight cc