What our Patients are saying

At Clackamas Smiles Family Dental, the best dentist Happy Valley and Clackamas, Oregon has, we are honored to provide state-of-the-art dental care in a warm and friendly environment. Read what our patients have to say about the excellent care they receive at our office!

Kathy E. Avatar

All staff helped create a welcoming and calming experience. Care plans were explained clearly and with detail. Mary and Holly at the front desk, Amy the hygienist, Paige the assistant, Sami the up-coming assistant and of course Dr. Suess together, create a well balanced and highly functioning dental home.

Kathy E. 7/13/2020
Patty F. Avatar

Friendly & welcoming staff. Dr Suess took the time to talk and explain to me the options that I could choose from for my dental care. Actually explained and helped me to come up with a plan that would work for me. No pressure or leaving me with doubt. Thank you! I only wished I knew about you a long time ago.

Patty F. 7/11/2020
David S. Avatar

Great dental experience. Cleaned and checked. Dr. Suess found one leaking crown and scheduled a mid July date to replace it. I highly recommend him to anyone. You will be in good hands and know you have the latest techniques applied to your dental work. Kudos.

David S. 7/11/2020
Carroll P. Avatar

Clackamas Smiles by far is the most professional and caring dental group.

Dr. Seuss is a perfectionist who has mastered making my smile beautiful.

Our whole family are clients and we feel appreciated at every visit.

If you want perfection in your smile Dr. Seuss and his team will make it happen!

Carroll P. 7/09/2020
Cory P. Avatar

Dr Seuss and his team are amazing! Been seeing them for a couple years and he’s always been professional and an expert at his craft... he truly cares about his patients and puts their best interest and health as a priority.

Cory P. 3/12/2020
Rich K. Avatar

5 star rating Pretty nice gang of folks working there! Nobody wants to go to the dentist but they keep it light and do a nice job! Class act in Clackamas! Highly recommended!

Rich K. 11/30/2018
Vivi T. Avatar

5 star rating My husband, my two little girls, and I super recommend Clackamas Smiles Family Dental! Doctor Suess and his staff are really knowledgeable, patient (specially with my girls), friendly ; always makes us feel welcomed , comfortable , and in a safe place full of love . Parking is great, easy to find, and I believe it accepts most of the debts
insurances .

Vivi T. 11/19/2018
Danny C. Avatar

What a fantastic experience Clackamas Smiles always makes!!!! This place is AWESOME!!! Every single person that works there truly makes me feel right at home. So professional and always always so personable. I’m so happy I found this place. Thank you for everything Clackamas Smile’s!!! (and the doctors sense of humor is priceless) 🙂 This place gets 10 stars

Danny C. 9/11/2018
angelica r. Avatar

Everyone at this office is amazing! My fear of dentists has been alleviated thanks to Dr. Seuss and his exceptional staff (Kimberly, Diane, Amy, Holly, you all rock!), every visit exceeded my expectations!
Now I know that no one likes having dental work done... but not only do they make it bearable, they make it (dare-I-say...) enjoyable *gasp*
I first went to him to repair my front teeth after they'd been chipped in an accident. I was so nervous my smile wouldn't be the same, and that I'd leave looking like a Bugs Bunny-Beaver hybrid that lived in LA. I was pleasantly surprised how beautifully he repaired them while retaining some natural character to the teeth (nothing is worse than fake teeth that look fake!) They've been incredibly thorough, professional, honest, and efficient, and communicated every step of the way!
After that I was hooked, and can easily say that from fillings and crowns to extractions and repairs, all of his work has blown me away. Thank you for getting my smile back in shape, and thank you to everyone else there who's been incredibly kind and helpful in helping me navigate through the administrative paperwork-insurance-payment headaches!
*** Major bonus points for his great sense of humor, through perhaps he just enjoys making people laugh so he can observe his beautiful work! Thank you guys!

angelica r. 9/06/2018
Aubrey S. Avatar

Such a great experience! Happy and professional staff!

Aubrey S. 4/25/2018
Tajuana S. Avatar

Wonderful new patient experience. All of the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I walked away feeling well taken care of and informed.

Tajuana S. 4/11/2018
Jessica M. Avatar

Dr Suess and team do excellent work. Everyone is friendly and always work with you through all your options.

Jessica M. 4/03/2018
Clifton P. Avatar

Great dentist and staff! I’m from out of town and had a tooth issue that would have made my travels miserable. They got me in within hours of calling and took care of the problem. Thank you! If I lived here Dr Seuss would be my dentist. My only disappointment was that he didn’t wear a large striped top hat!

Clifton P. 11/15/2017
Debbie S. Avatar

I have to say that Dr. Jeremy Suess, is THE BEST Oregon Dentist I have visited since living in Oregon (12+ years)! Dr. Suess, is doing AMAZING dentistry for his patients. As his patient he tells you what you need but is not trying to "sell" you a bill of goods to increase production. He is kind, caring, FUNNY and just THE BEST dentist in Clackamas County. I am a dental professional and very picky about who I choose to be my dentist. Dr. Suess, showed me some of the work he is doing for patients and I can say it is above and beyond what a typical dentist provides patients. He loves what he does and takes a lot of pride in his work which means he provides quality and perfection. If you need a dentist or need dental treatment, I highly recommend you call Dr. Jeremy Suess, at Clackamas Smiles! I am a patient for life!

Debbie S. 9/27/2017
Debbie B. Avatar

5 star rating I came to Dr. Suess's office because I had a slight toothache. It am a dental professional and never have cavities but I knew something was not right. Dr. Suess's team was very kind to me and treated me like I was special to them. Dr. Suess spent 1 hr. with me talking, looking around my entire mouth and explained what I need. He made a few other suggestions to make my teeth more beautiful but left the final decision up to me. Dr. Suess could have tried to upsell me into higher-end treatment however, he told me what I really needed and wasn't trying to "sell" me on just anything to get is production up! Because I am also a dental professional, he shared some of the HIGH TECH dentistry he is doing for patients. I am a dental consultant and see a lot of dentists and work with them to improve their services and care. Dr. Suess provides really high-end care to all his patients. He took a lot of time to complete my exam and he did a check of my jaw which most dentists rarely take time to do. I highly recommend Clackamas Smiles and I am telling all my friends to see him.

Debbie B. 9/26/2017
Vitaliy D. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Jeremy Suess is awesome. He makes going to the dentist almost a pleasant experience. Though I do have dental through Kaiser, I do not use it since it only covers Kaiser dentists, and instead prefer to come here and pay out of pocket.
Dr. Suess has great attention to detail and has restored my smile. Also, he is really good with anesthesia-if you close your eyes, you barely even feel it.

Vitaliy D. 7/19/2017
Wendy R. Avatar

Hi my name is : Wendy riggers. Before I came to see Dr. Jeremy Seuss for a dental appointment I had been dealing with anxiety issues. Coming and seeing the dentist I found out I had infection in my mouth. So dr Jeremy Seuss said I also had bad bone loss . So to make the story shorter I had 12 teeth removed and have never felt this good in a long time. I would love to specially thank dr. Jeremy Seuss, korine, Diane for all you have done for me. You guys are the must amazing people ever. So if you have any issues with going to a dentist dr Jeremy Seuss and is crew is the best. They are very compassionate people they are there to make you feel better. I love them all! Thank you again!

Wendy R. 7/13/2017
Kirsten H. Avatar

5 star rating I am really impressed with this clinic. My son (age 2) was nervous to open his mouth for the dentist at first. Dr. Suess took the time to get down and read him 2 books to develop trust. After that my son was giggling while getting his teeth cleaned. This is a very family friendly clinic, super clean, and provides exceptional care. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone!

Kirsten H. 12/08/2016
Joselyn A. Avatar

5 star rating Great experience over all, facility is clean and front line staff is friendly. Dr. Suess is a skilled professional and shows great pride in his work. Cleaning is always amazing! Would be difficult to replace Dr. Suess and staff.

Joselyn A. 9/13/2016
Chelsea M. Avatar

I have always been anxious when it comes to going to the dentist. I always felt judged for not keeping my teeth clean enough or awkward with people poking around in my mouth. Korine is the best ever. I don't want anyone else doing my cleanings! Before dr. Seuss fixed my upper right side it was so tender and painful. Instead of making me feel like a baby Korine numbed it with anesthetic so my cleaning didn't feel like torture. Dr. Seuss has incredible bedside manner. He is kind and understanding but is direct when needed. Always in a respectful way. Not many people like the dentist (myself included) but at least these wonderful people make the experience much easier.

Chelsea M. 3/30/2016