Teeth Whitening Can Provide the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

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We’ve all been there – standing at the bathroom sink inspecting our teeth and gums, practicing our movie star smiles. But as you inspect you notice that your teeth just aren’t as white as you’d like them. Well good thing for you is that teeth- whitening has become so popular that there are several options to fit your desired results and budget.

When deciding to whiten your teeth the best place to start is by consulting Clackamas Oregon cosmetic dentist Dr. Suess or the friendly and courteous staff at Clackamas Smiles Family Dental. This ensures that you are a candidate for teeth whitening and that the option you choose won’t damage your teeth, enamel or gums.

The main ingredient in teeth whitening is peroxide, essentially bleach, and if misused can cause some irritation or permanent damage. So it’s best to be safe and determine the health and strength of your teeth and gums beforehand. At Clackamas Smiles Family Dental we offer both an in-office treatment and custom-made trays for at-home whitening:


The #1 patient requested whitening treatment, Phillips Zoom offers patients a safe and effective option for whitening their teeth. The treatment is done right in your dentist office and can be done in as little as one office visit.

The ZOOM! process uses a powerful whitening gel that is placed directly on the patient’s teeth. Your lips and gums are completely covered to ensure safety and the gel, used in conjunction with the Philips Zoom! lamp, begins to break up stains and discoloration on the teeth without harming the enamel.

With Phillips Zoom! your teeth will be visibly whiter in one day, lifting your teeth eight shades in 45 minutes. In fact, over 10 million patients have used the Zoom! method for brighter, whiter smiles.

AT- HOME Whitening

At Clackamas Smiles we offer custom-made trays designed for your teeth. This ensures a comfortable feel and fit, preventing slippage or discomfort, unlike some of the over-the-counter trays or strips, which can rub your gums or slip off your teeth during the whitening process.

This option includes a special bleaching agent allows you the ability to remove unwanted stains and yellowing to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Once your optimum brightness is achieved only routine maintenance treatments are necessary.

Unlike the ZOOM! whitening system where results are evident in as little as one office visit, the at-home treatment can take up to two weeks to show optimal results.


Teeth whitening only works for those whose teeth are stained, if you have thin enamel it shows the dentin, the layer underneath your enamel, which is yellowish in color. The only fix for this type of stain is a cap or veneer.

Additionally, if you already have sensitive teeth, the whitening products could aggravate the condition, so be sure to consult with Dr. Suess to see which whitening treatment is right for you.

Remember at Clackamas Smiles Family Dental your safety and comfort is our number one priority. Feel free to ask Dr. Suess or his helpful staff at your next dental visit, or call us to schedule an appointment.





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