Coupons and Special Offers

Coupons and Special Offers

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Home Whitening

Get the smile you've always dreamed of at an affordable price!

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$500 off
Dental Implants

Ready to get started with Clackamas Smiles? Dr. Suess is happy to help! 

Discount available when prepaying for surgical placement

$99 Problem Focused Exam
with X-rays

Got tooth pain? Our Problem Focused Xrays can help pinpoint the issue.

Discount available when paying in full at time of service


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For a Smile that Looks Great

A great-looking smile requires receiving the type of advanced dental care Dr. Suess provides our patients at Clackamas Smiles.

For Your Long-Term Health

A healthy smile means a healthy body. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your oral health. Enjoy the benefits that come from having a healthy smile by contacting our Clackamas dentists today!

For a Dentist that Cares, Visit Clackamas Smiles

Dr. Jeremy Suess remains committed to providing every patient with the quality dental care they need to enjoy a healthy, great-looking smile for a lifetime. Don’t trust your dental care to just anyone. Demand the type of advanced dental care we provide at Clackamas Smiles.

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We work with most major dental insurance carriers, including, but not limited to:

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Preventative Dental Care

Your oral health matters. Decades worth of research has uncovered clear connections between our oral health and an increased risk for developing a range of chronic illnesses that include heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. To prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and permanent tooth loss, patients must receive regular dental exams and cleanings. At Clackamas Smiles, Dr. Suess and our team provide patients with the type of advanced dental care they need to enjoy a healthy mouth and body for a lifetime.

  • Dental Exams & Cleanings

  • Dental Sealants

  • Mouthguards

Cosmetic Dentistry

Years of eating and drinking enamel staining favorites can rob even the healthiest smile of a little luster. Fortunately, at Clackamas Smiles, Dr. Jeremy Suess offers patients a variety of treatment options designed to help restore the brilliance back to any smile. Whether you desire a whiter smile through teeth whitening, a straighter smile through orthodontics, or need to cover a damaged tooth with a dental crown, our cosmetic dentist in Clackamas can provide the outstanding cosmetic dental care you deserve. 

Restorative Dentistry

A lifetime of wear and stress can cause teeth to breakdown and require repair. If you’ve experienced a cracked, broken, or chipped tooth, Dr. Suess is here to help. From dental crowns and bridges to implants and dentures, Dr. Suess provides the treatment required to restore the form and function back to your smile. Don’t deal with the stress and anxiety that comes from having a damage smile. Restore confidence in how you look and eat by contacting the team at Clackamas Smiles today!