Why Do People Love Sugar? A New Study May Have the Answer

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Why do people love sugar? Eating too much can cause unwanted weight gain and the types of oral health problems that require you to visit our dentist office in Clackamas. Science has tried to help replicate the flavor of sugar with artificial sweeteners that have fewer calories and that produce fewer cavities, but most people…

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What Would Happen if You Didn’t Brush for a Year?

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Traditionally, the new year comes with resolutions designed to help make the coming 12 months a little bit better. But what if you made the decision not to brush or floss your teeth at all during 2021? What if you decided to not see a Clackamas family dentist no matter how bad your oral health…

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What to Expect During Your Dental Visit

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COVID has changed dentistry. We review the changes that have taken place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and how they will affect your next dental appointment. This is what to expect during your next visit to your Clackamas dentist. Prioritizing Emergencies We are working to get urgent needs taken care of ASAP. If…

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Understanding the Stages of Your Child’s Oral Health Development

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At our dentistry for children in Clackamas, Dr. Suess understands that parents have a lot of questions when it comes to helping to protect their child’s oral health development. While many parents have a good understanding of when to expect their child’s first words, first steps, and other major milestones, they occasionally tend to overlook…

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A New Breakthrough Could Be the End of Tooth Decay

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For many people, the idea of visiting a Happy Valley dentist causes a lot of anxiety and even dread. If visiting the dentist causes you to feel stressed and anxious, know that you’re not alone. A recent study found that 61 percent of people worldwide experience some kind of dental anxiety. From cringing while visiting…

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